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Nested at the foot of Berici Hills, Vicenza is an architectural gem of rare beauty, an open-air museum enchanting visitors with treasures of art and architecture. Its precious historical centre can be visited on foot, looking  upwards to admire the masterpieces of Palladio, the Renaissance genius that marked the history of modern architecture, making Vicenza a city of unique beauty. The visit can start from the central Piazza dei Signori with its breathtaking prospective and its gem, the Basilica Palladiana. This is the uttermost expression of Palladio’s genius who had the extraordinary intuition to wrap the ancient Palazzo della Ragione, dating back to the Gothic period, with a  Renaissance-style building. The Basilica, whose name refers to the place that was used in ancient Rome for politics and business, is a masterly example of Renaissance architecture, with a double order of loggias and the characteristic copper roof with an overturned hull shape. In front of the Basilica, the Loggia del Capitaniato, another masterpiece of Palladio, exhibits an exquisite brick and stone façade. A few steps away there’s another unique jewel, the Olympic Theatre. Designed by Palladio in 1580 using the same plant of the ancient Greek theatres, it’s the oldest fix modern theatre. It’s worldwide famous for its perfect acoustic and the original scenic design dating back to 1585, reproducing the perspective view on the ancient Thebes. Just outside the historic centre and a short walk from our hotel, you will find Villa La Rotonda, a symbol of Renaissance harmony and balance, and Villa Ai Nani, with a panoramic view on the surrounding hills.


VERONA: Set along the banks of Adige river, the city of Romeo and Juliet offers many historic and architectural treasures. You can start your visit from Juliet's famous balcony, heading then to to the medieval Piazza delle Erbe and the nearby Piazza Dante with Palazzo della Ragione. Within a short walking distance Piazza Bra surprises with its dramatic perspective and the Arena, the Roman amphitheatre hosting the prestigious Summer Opera Season.

TREVISO: Few cities offer picturesque views as Treviso, whose intimate historic centre lies at the convergence of two rivers, Sile and Cagnano, with elegant arcaded houses overlooking the banks. The heart of the city is Piazza dei Signori, with the Palazzo dei Trecento and the wonderful Loggia dei Cavalieri. The Cathedral hosts precious paintings such as an altarpiece by Titian.

PADUA: Home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, Padua hosts precious art treasures such as the paintings by Giotto in the Cappella degli Scorvegni, and the Interior Hall in the thirteenth-century Palazzo della Ragione. Palazzo del Bo ', headquarter of the University, has other gems such as the Aula Magna and the Anatomical Theatre, a rare example of permanent structure for the study of anatomy.

VENICE: a whole life is not enough to get to know Venice, a city that for centuries has been reflecting its beauty on the canals that cross its very heart, making it a unique gem in the world. Wandering around the quiet calli, crossing its porticos and narrow fondamenta is the best way to experience Venice, before visiting its worldwide known symbols as the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark's Square and Palazzo Ducale. Unique in spring, intimate in winter, intriguing during the Carnival, any time of the year is perfect to visit Venice.



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